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FLATOUT Australia is committed to helping the kids of Cambodia. Why Cambodian kids you ask? Well I, Prue, spent a year living in Cambodia as a volunteer in 2000 – 2001. I fell in love with the country and its people. Sarah visited me when I lived there and knows that these kids need help. We know that the money we send to Cambodia will be put to good use – fresh water, fresh food, shelter and schoolbooks. We hope to make a small difference.


By supporting CEDAC, a Cambodian run non-government organisation I volunteered with, we have funded the building of two childcare centres that are supporting around 80 children. In these centres CEDAC run an education programme to ensure improved health conditions and primary school attendance through general awareness raising and educational programmes among children and parents. The childcare centre is also where pre-school children can play, learn, borrow books and mothers can meet and discuss local issues etc. The centre is run by local staff.

Also, living in Phnom Penh in Cambodia, I had the opportunity to meet Geraldine Cox, a dynamic Australian woman running three Sunrise Children’s Villages. These Sunrise Children’s Villages provide education, medical care and a home for orphaned, abandoned, vulnerable and disadvantaged Cambodia children.

We here at FLATOUTbears sponsor two beautiful children Soklin Chan and Vireak Chhoeun. Child sponsorship continues to give life, hope, education, health and a future to those who would otherwise have no hope of realising their full potential.

We are so excited to show you these photos of the work FLATOUTaustralia is funding in Cambodia.

We feel lucky to have our family and work here in Sydney, Australia and this is our small way of giving something back.

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