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Wholesale Order Form

This is an order form only. GST and postage and handling will be calculated and a final invoice will be emailed to you as soon as we are back in the office.

Qty Bears Price + GST
FLATOUTbear Honey $30.50
FLATOUTbear Milk $30.50
FLATOUTbear Latte $30.50
FLATOUTbear Chocolate $30.50
FLATOUTbear Licorice $30.50
FLATOUTbear Koala $30.50
FLATOUTbear Rosie $30.50
FLATOUTbear Bluey $30.50
FLATOUTbearbaby Honey $22.00
FLATOUTbearbaby Milk $22.00
FLATOUTbearbaby Latte $22.00
FLATOUTbearbaby Chocolate $22.00
FLATOUTbearbaby Koala $22.00
FLATOUTbearbaby Rosie $22.00
FLATOUTbearbaby Bluey $22.00
FLATOUTbear Bags – pack of 20 $17.00

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