Soft, snuggly, soothing.

Made from 100% Australian sheepskin, FLATOUTbear is a classic Aussie icon, a baby gift loved by babies, kids and celebrities around the world.

Meet FLATOUTbear
- the original flat bear

Unbelievably soft, irresistibly snuggly and naturally soothing, each unique FLATOUTbear is made from 100% Australian sheepskin.

Since 2001, FLATOUTbears have found their way into the hands and hearts of families and celebrities all over the world.

A wonderful baby gift, this flat teddy bear is sure to become a loved member of the family.

In 2001, sisters from Sydney Australia, Sarah and Prue teamed up to create FLATOUTbear and share their love of flat bears with the world.

About us
Australian sheepskin flat teddy bear

Family owned and run since 2001

100% Australian sheepskin

Over 450,000 bears sold worldwide

Free FLATOUTbear bag with purchase

Helping Cambodian families


I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. My daughter was waking 5-6 times a night by the time she was 9 months old. I got her a FLATOUTbear and within a few days she was back to sleeping through the night! I’m finally able to sleep again! So thanks for such a great product.


What a charming and adorable little bear... he will enjoy a well fed life, well traveled life as I suspect he will go everywhere we do. And he will be loved.

Sarah Jessica ParkerActress and Producer

We bought a FLATOUTbear koala for our son Jakob 16 years ago while we where on a vacation in Australia. The koala has been his trusted companion ever since. Now, Jakob will turn 18 and one of his wishes – believe it or not – is a new koala. I wanted to let you know that your koala has made a big difference in life to our son. A great companion!


It’s perfect. Thank you so much! We will bring the flat bear on tour with us!

Keith UrbanSinger, Songwriter and Producer

My daughter received her ‘flat bear’ as a baby 5 years ago and I would like to thank you for making these wonderful bears. It has brought years of comfort to Zoe and has never left her side. Although he’s looking a little worse for wear these days, there’s never been a bear (in this house) that has been so loved as our precious flat bear. So thanks again for these beautiful products.

Natalie, Zoe and flat bear

Thank you so much fo the adorable bear. It has already found a home in our family.

Hugh JackmanActor, Singer and Producer

My bears have arrived! I think this makes it 8 bears I have purchased in total for gifts. They are the best baby present ever!!


We ALL love the FLATOUTbear! Even Darla, our dog, tried to get a hold of our furry friend.

Brooke ShieldsActress and Model

My ten year old daughter Annie’s favourite possession in the world is ‘flat bear’ – one of your small sized bears that she was given many years ago as a present by her grandmother. She carries it everywhere, even now, and it has been a faithful friend.


I love it and I know our baby will too.

Jennifer GarnerActress and Producer

I have 2 boys (3 & 4 yrs old) who have been inseparable from their bears since they were tiny and now my baby girl, Caris, has been given hers at 4 months old and has immediately fallen in love. We are now a family with 6 FLATOUTbears and would be lost without them. Thanks for such a beautiful product.


Meet your new FLATOUTbear

Unbelievably soft.

Made from super soft, completely natural, 100% Australian sheepskin.

Irresistibly snuggly.

Lovingly combed and inspected before it’s sent to you for snuggles.

Naturally soothing.

The perfect, natural, comforting sleep companion for any age.

Uniquely yours.

Every FLATOUTbear is handmade, so your bear is unique to you.

What are FLATOUTbears made of?

FLATOUTbears are made of 100% Australian sheepskin. Besides being unbelievably soft and irresistibly snuggly, sheepskin has self-cleaning properties, is naturally anti-bacterial and it repels water, making it the perfect material for a child’s soft toy.

Why are FLATOUTbears flat?

Besides being a family tradition, the main advantage of flat bears is that they are super easy to snuggle and can be used like a pillow. Flat bears are also more suitable for babies as they don’t have any protruding features.

Where can I buy a FLATOUTbear?

You can buy a FLATOUTbear directly from us or you can visit one of our FLATOUTbear stockists all over the world. You can find your nearest stockist here.