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How many photos have you taken since your baby entered the world? Probably countless, despite them being somewhat similar.

Yet, chances are you won’t be deleting any because they’re just too adorable!

You’re here, reading this blog because you want to figure out the best ways to capture your baby’s milestone photos. It’s a special time, after all, and they only experience their first year once, so you want to make it count.

Don’t worry!

You don’t need to be a professional photographer for this, because capturing these monthly milestones is all about preserving those unforgettable memories of your child’s early days.

So, let’s keep things simple and fun!

Use Natural Light

Natural light, with its quality and softness, can make photos incredibly beautiful without costing anything. By simply opening your curtains and windows in the morning, you can make your baby look even more beautiful in photos.

Include their favourite FLATOUTbear

Monthly photos should include your child’s favourite teddy bear, FLATOUTbear. Adding the bear not only adds a cute touch but serves as a reference for your baby’s growth. And if your baby finds the teddy bear comforting, it can also help them relax during the photo session.

Use a Simple, Consistent Background

A simple, repeating background helps maintain focus on your child’s growth. Consider using a plain fur rug, neutral fabric, or our FLATOUTbear rugs, which serve this purpose effectively. They simplify the setup and make it easier to observe your child’s monthly growth and progress.

Enjoy the Process

The main tip is to relax and have fun! Don’t worry if the photos aren’t perfect; they intend to capture memories and family love. If a photo session isn’t going well, take a break and try again later.

Use our monthly milestone cards

With babies growing incredibly fast, placing a monthly milestone card next to them in photos provides an organized way to capture their growth, making it easier to see your baby’s month-to-month changes.

We offer a set of FREE milestone cards, available here. Each card features beautiful artwork designed to capture the playful world of our flat teddies, making each super special.

Taking monthly baby photos shouldn’t be stressful. With a little preparation, you can easily create lovely milestone photos of your child’s first year.

Download your free copy of FLATOUTbear Baby Milestone cards.

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