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Remember the feeling of bringing your little bundle of joy home for the first time?

The overwhelming love, the sleepless nights, and, of course, the countless photos you’ve taken since day one.

There’s something so magical about documenting each milestone, even if it’s just them snoozing with their favorite teddy or wearing the cutest outfit you swore you wouldn’t buy but did.

Isn’t it just the most adorable yet memorable thing to do?

Milestone cards are beautifully illustrated artworks featuring whimsical animals or themes, such as teddy bears. Each card is labeled with text for every month of the year and can be used to record a baby’s growth, either as a cherished keepsake or as the perfect prop for your baby’s first-year milestone photos.

Download Your Free Copy

Taking milestone photos has become a cherished way for parents to document their child’s growth—memories that can be cherished for years to come.

Many of you have shared how our flat teddies have become a part of your family, welcoming newborns into the world or celebrating special occasions or holidays. This inspired us to create unique artworks by combining our flat teddies with milestone cards.

FLATOUTbear milestone cards are designed to capture the playful world of our flat teddies, making each card super special. The set includes ‘Hello World’, from month one to your little one’s first birthday. 

Milestone card for blog

Prepare to be charmed by our FLATOUTbear milestone cards:

  • Welcome to the World – Milk introduces the joy and wonder of the world.
  • Month 1 – Kicking off the first month with Latte and a blue balloon.
  • Month 2 – Leopard bear relaxes in the green grass with two balloons.
  • Month 3 – A fun bike ride with three balloons.
  • Month 4 – Let’s fly a kite and four yellow balloons.
  • Month 5 – Its building blocks time with five balloons around.
  • Month 6 – Koala swinging up and down with six balloons.
  • Month 7 – Pond adventure with dragonflies with seven balloons.
  • Month 8 – Sleeping under the stars with eight balloons.
  • Month 9 – Bee chase under the blossoms with nine balloons.
  • Month 10 – Flying high with Bluey amongst ten balloons.
  • Month 11 – Eleven big hot air balloons in the sky.
  • Month 12 – Celebrating your little one’s first birthday with twelve balloons.

Our milestone cards are digital files, which makes them easy to download, print, and place next to your baby to capture precious memories. We recommend printing them on A6 paper size.

We’d love to watch your baby grow, so tag us when sharing your cherished monthly photos using #flatoutbear.

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