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At a baby shower each parent will want different gifts that suit their style of parenting and their personal style. There are always some presents that are trendy, new, must-haves and they’ve got to look good, work hard, be more than they appear and above all, make a new parent’s life easier.

Traditionally, a baby shower is a celebration held for a mum-to-be and her pending arrival where female friends are inviting and give a baby shower gift that will help her adjust to life with a baby. It’s stereotypically seen as a cute affair with the gendered decor, cakes and a lot of packaging. But nowadays a baby shower can be whatever you like, with whoever you like (men can come too). The only essentials of a baby shower is a comfortable seat for mum.

Do you need to have one? Absolutely not. Friends and family will want to give gifts though, so even if you’re not planning an event, make a list or registry.

Here are some of my favourite gift ideas for a baby shower:

  1. FLATOUTbear – of course we will include this in the must-have list. A practical yet oh-so-cute baby comforter. It’s truly the best thing my kids own!
  2. FLATOUTbear rug – soft and snuggly and perfect for tummy time the FLATOUTbear rug also makes a cute accent in the nursery. My 7-year-old still has her gorgeous rug in her bedroom.
  3. Nappies – practical and useful – you never have enough nappies. Just make sure you know what the mum-to-be is intending on using ie disposable or cloth nappies.
  4. Something to spoil mum – beautiful lotions or even a gift voucher for a pregnancy massage. I got a massage for my baby shower, and it was heavenly.
  5. Vouchers for a food delivery service – every new mum loves a pre-cooked frozen meal.

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