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Essentially a comforter for infants and children, FLATOUTbear™️ has garnered many adoring fans during its 21 years in business, not just babies and kids, but celebrities and pets too.

Established in 2001 by sisters, Sarah Novati and Prue Trollope, FLATOUTbear™ is based in Sydney Australia. Inspired by their desire to share their love of flat bears, FLATOUTbear™ has since become an Aussie classic, more so for the fact that it is made from 100% Australian sheepskin.

A truly unique teddy bear

“Sarah and I grew up with flat bears of our own as children. Flat teddies have always been part of our lives, as has retail. As babies, we watched our dad at work in his antique shop. Later, we watched our mum run her homewares shop. It seemed only natural that one day we’d team up to start our own business. Sharing our love of Australian sheepskin FLATOUTbears with the world seemed like the perfect idea. And so, in 2001, the original FLATOUTbear™ was born,” explains co-founder, Prue Trollope.

FLATOUTbears™ are made of 100% Australian sheepskin. Besides being unbelievably soft and irresistibly snuggly, sheepskin has self-cleaning properties, is naturally anti-bacterial, and repels water, making it the perfect material for a child’s soft toy and baby comforter.

“We’re often asked why our FLATOUTbears™ are well, flat. Besides being a family tradition, the main advantage of flat bears is that they are super easy to snuggle and can be used like a pillow, making them extra soothing. They are also more suitable for infants, as they don’t have any protruding features,” continues Prue.

FLATOUTbear™ has grown from an online store, to supplying retailers across the globe. With over 400,000 bears sold to date, FLATOUTbears™ have travelled to over 50 countries including the USA, UK, China, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, France, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, and Korea. Since 2001, this uniquely handmade baby comforter has found its way into the hands and hearts of families and celebrities worldwide.

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear?

From Australia to Europe and the USA, FLATOUTbears™ have found fame in newspapers, magazines, and gift guides.

“Tom Cruise said the FLATOUTbear™ is top of his must-have list of gifts. Kourtney Kardashian listed FLATOUTbears™ as a cute baby gift, and Paris Hilton was snapped on a shopping spree for a baby shower gift that included our now world-famous FLATOUTbear™.”

“Owen Wilson describes FLATOUTbear™ as ‘so cool’, Keith Urban says, ‘it’s perfect’, and Matt Damon says FLATOUTbear™ is ‘beautiful, just gorgeous’. Our FLATOUTbear™ has even received handwritten thank you notes from stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields and Jennifer Garner. And celebrities regularly share their adorable pictures of FLATOUTbear™ with friends, families, and followers on social media,” says Prue.

Celebrating 21 successful years

21 years in business marks a significant milestone for the sisters turned female entrepreneurs.

“FLATOUTbear™ has grown up alongside our families and seen us merging our skills as women and mothers with our business talents to create an enterprise that we’re super proud of. Best of all, Sarah and I get to work together daily, and fortunately our varying strengths and areas of expertise complement each other, which makes for a very successful division of labour. It makes all the difference to work with someone who knows you inside out and with whom you can share all the highs and lows of running a successful international business.”

“As mothers, we’ve witnessed firsthand the love our children have for their FLATOUTbears™. Once they get attached, it truly becomes their take-everywhere comforter. The opportunity to share something that is quintessentially Australian and brings such joy to kids and their parents is an ongoing privilege,” concludes Prue.


Established in 2001 by sisters, Sarah Novati and Prue Trollope, FLATOUTbear™ is based in Sydney Australia. Inspired by their desire to share their love of flat bears, FLATOUTbear™ has since become an Aussie classic, loved by babies, kids, celebrities, and even pets around the world. Unbelievably soft, irresistibly snuggly, and naturally soothing, each FLATOUTbear™ is made by hand from 100% Australian sheepskin.

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