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Easter is one of the most well-known holidays in the world. Many people associate it with chocolate bunnies, colorful eggs, and spring flowers.

Easter’s history goes back to ancient cultures celebrating this time of year as the rebirth of spring—the time when plants start to bloom again and animals begin to mate. The Romans called it Eostre, after their goddess of fertility and new life.

Why the Easter Bunny?

Bunnies are popular during the Easter holidays. It’s usually depicted as a white rabbit with long ears and a white fluffy tail. It is a mythical creature that delivers baskets of filled eggs to children on Easter Sunday.

While there are many theories about the origin of the Easter Bunny, the tradition has its roots in paganism. Some believe that the rabbit was originally associated with fertility because of its ability to reproduce quickly and prolifically (meaning it could have many offspring). Another theory is that rabbits were associated with spring because they mate from April through May. 

The Easter Bunny has become a symbol of new life and new beginnings. It’s said that if you find an egg on Easter morning, you’ll have good luck all year long.

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