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flat teddy bear

FLATOUTbear is a soft, snuggly, and soothing flat teddy bear handmade from 100% Australian sheepskin. They are also known as flat bears or flat teddies. Our first flat bear came out in 2001, making our childhood dreams come true.

Our soft, flat teddy bears have found a special place in the hearts of many families around the world. Becoming a comforting friend to babies and children, providing them with a sense of calm and safety as they grow.

Our fans describe FLATOUTbear as unique, warm, and familiar. It has been a delightful gift for baby showers, a cherished birthday or holiday present, a thoughtful “get well soon” companion and even a comforting teddy for adults.

“I have two kids who owns a FLATOUTbear. I genuinely believe that these bears are the reason they sleep so well. These bears are the safest and most effective comforters available and I have been buying one for every new mum I know and telling them that it is a necessity! This product is flatout therapy for newborns and flaout salvation for new mums. My babies nuzzle into these bears and they are asleep in no time. The world needs to know! – Sarah

” I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product.  My daughter has had so much trouble sleeping at night since she was about 5 months and was waking 5-6 times a night by the time she was 9 months old.  I got her a flat teddy bear for Christmas and within a few days she was back to sleeping through the night. Now the only time I hear from her during the night is if she wakes and can’t find her bear and then all I have to do is put it back in her arms and she’ll turn over and go right back to sleep.  I’m finally able to sleep again!  – Heather

I just wanted to show you my grandaughters, Valentina’s bear she calls it Nani it has been with her since was born 5 years ago and she can’t sleep without him as you can see Nani has been loved a lot. – Mary





These are the flat out BEST baby gifts ever! Totally soft, high quality and snuggly. My 16 year old son got his bear when he lived in Australia and still has it. I have been buying these gorgeous bears for gifts for years and they are always beloved by babies, toddlers and parents. Love it. – Mindy

Giving a flat bear to newborns and children has become a beautiful tradition.

Families from all over the world have shared stories of how these bears have made a positive impact on their children’s lives. They often share their children’s photos with us by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook, and it has been a joy to witness these children’s milestones and watch them grow up along with their bears.

For newborns, a FLATOUTbear is their first best friend, soft enough for their delicate hands and inviting enough for endless cuddles. The familiar scent from parents, transferred into the flat teddy bear, provides an extra layer of comfort and security for the baby, making it a soothing and cherished companion.

Beyond being a night time comforter and a familiar companion during family holidays, FLATOUTbear is a beloved member of the family. They appear in countless family photos, sometimes worn and weathered from all the love they have received. Parents often express how these flat bears make parenting a bit easier by providing a soothing and calming item for their child, making the flat bear a popular baby gift. 

Every FLATOUTbear carries its own unique, incredible stories that are as special as the bear itself. These stories, filled with joy, warmth and love. A cherished companion making childhood journeys a little warmer, safer and a whole lot more fun.

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