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We are super excited to reveal some of the plans we have prepared for 2024. Our calendar is filling up with upcoming events, along with exciting new product releases and product developments on the way.

FLATOUTbear HQ, Sydney Australia

2024 Trade Shows

Visit us at the AGHA Sydney Trade Show in February 2024, when we will be showcasing our product range. Experience our products first hand and find something bear-y special for your store.

Mark your calendar, Melbourne! We have another AGHA trade show scheduled for August 2024, in the city. Stay in touch with us for future updates.

Easter Surprise

We’re hopping into Easter 2024 with an extravagant surprise! We are set to launch a new limited edition product in the first quarter of the year. This is something you simply can’t miss! 😱🐰


In the first half of the year, we have planned a visit to our factory in China. We have been working with the same family-owned business for over 17 years. Located in a remote region of China, a couple of plane rides and long car trips to reach, but it’s a treat to visit.

We are keen to give you a sneak peek at how our flat teddy bears and our baby rugs are made.

Product Development

We have one more product in the pipeline! This is the exciting part because pram liners are set to be part of our 2024 horizon. Although we can’t guarantee their readiness this year, we’re passionately working to make them a reality. So, keep a lookout for product updates!

As we look forward to a promising year, we want to thank you all for being a part of our journey. Here’s to a truly wonderful year ahead.

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