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Can you imagine your childhood without a teddy bear? Most of us had a teddy bear whilst growing up. We want our children to have the same magical experience filled with adventures, laughter, comfort, and endless cuddles.

Parents around the world love FLATOUTbears for their quality and charm, making them a beloved member of the family. With more than 450,000 sold worldwide, our handmade flat bears have captured the hearts of both children and parents.

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You can start introducing a FLATOUTbear right from the beginning but not initially as a comforter in your baby’s cot. Some parents start using them in milestone photos from the first couple of days as well as keep the FLATOUTbear nearby for cuddles and comfort whilst feeding for example.

From around seven to 10 months onwards, your child can begin to recognize their FLATOUTbear as a friendly, comforting companion.

On the SIDS Red Nose website they say – โ€œA soft toy introduced into the sleep environment between seven and ten months can provide comfort and connection at times when your baby is separated from you, such as at sleep times.โ€

We also recommend using your common sense.

Help your child form a bond with their FLATOUTbear with these simple tips:

  1. This might sound a bit odd initially, but it’s proven! Cuddle your little one’s FLATOUTbear before they are even born. Your scent will transfer to the flat teddy bear, offering an additional layer of familiarity to your baby.
  2. Show your baby that the FLATOUTbear is a part of their world by including it in their day-to-day activities. Take it along on walks, keep it nearby during nappy changes, or simply hold it when you’re spending time with your baby.
  3. Over the years we have suggested a small squirt ofย  milk – breast or formula – on the bear. What could be more comforting that the smell of that milk ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Safety tips with FLATOUTbear:

  1. Remove the black ribbon from the FLATOUTbear’s neck before you introduce it to your baby.
  2. Do not leave the FLATOUTbear in your new-born baby’s cot; always follow the SIDS guidelines and use a common sense approach.

Growing up with a flat bear creates the most magical childhood memories. It allows your little one to experience the meaning of true friendship and to find comfort in its simplest form.

Join the many families around the world that have chosen FLATOUTbear as their child’s treasured best friend and natural companion.

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