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“Hugging Mima makes me feel better” ~Sophia

We know that a teddy bear can be a best friend, a comforter, a confidante.

For Sophia, her flat bear Mima was all that and more—a constant companion through her battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was diagnosed back in July 2019, and later went into remission. After two years, she faced an unexpected relapse—a real life rollercoaster ride for someone so young.

She was only five years old when it all started!

Sophia’s cancer journey started back in July 2019.

Sophia’s childhood days were marked not with school bell rings or playground laughter, but hospital stays, treatments and surgeries. Days and nights of hoping and praying and countless road trips from Canberra to Sydney.

Through it all, Sophia is brave enough to beat cancer not just once but twice, with Mima, families and friends supporting her all the way.

In the midst of uncertainties, Mima, Sophia’s teddy bear, provided warmth and comfort during bed days waiting for a thumbs up to go home. A soothing squeeze during those stressful checkups, injections, and scans.

A reminder that our flat teddy bear is more than just a sheepskin bear—it’s a warm hug that offers much needed security and comfort.

Milestone after milestone, on 24 July 2023, Sophia and her flat bears are all smiles in the hospital bed because it’s time to say goodbye with her nasogastric tube after having it for two years. 

After years of fighting against cancer, Sophia finally rang the end of the treatment bell! FINALLY! 🎉

Her favourite Kuma Niki once wrote about her journey,

The clouds and rain will disappear,

And the sun will shine once more.

July 24, Sophia’s NG tube was surgically removed after having it for two years.

Find Sophia’s Facebook page here.

Support ‘Win The Day’ – a non-profit organization that supports Sophia and other kids in their fight against cancer.

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