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We are huge fans of flat teddy bears. Growing up, my sister and I each cherished one. We named them Ted and Mrs. Murphy. Our flat bears were our comforters, companions on countless adventures, and silent keepers of our childhood secrets. Even as we’ve grown older, the fond memories of our bears still bring smiles to our faces.

2001 was when our childhood dream came true. We founded FLATOUTbear, inspired by our love for flat teddy bears and our belief that every child should experience the same kind of warmth and joy we had.

Do you still remember the day you gifted your child their first flat teddy bear? The genuine happiness on their face – did they come up with a name right away or did you help with the naming?

The name your child picks reflects their thoughts, dreams, hobbies, and imagination, or simply how the teddy bear looks. Each name holds precious childhood stories that we carry with us into adulthood. Here is a snippet from an email sent by Sarah Jessica Parker years ago, her son naming his flat teddy.

We will take good care of our new little bear. James Wilkie immediately named him Catin. And asked if he could come downstairs for supper. You can see he will enjoy a well fed life, well travelled life as I suspect he will go everywhere we do. And he will be loved. ~ Sarah Jessica Parker

We asked the FLATOUTbear community to share their children’s flat teddy bear names. The list was extraordinary—filled with unique and sometimes hilarious picks. What have you named your FLATOUTbear?

The magic of naming a FLATOUTbear brings your flat teddy bear to life, transforming it into something more—a confidant, a friend, and an inseparable part of childhood memories.

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