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Why FLATOUTbear is a must-have!

One of the first toys of any child is usually a teddy bear. Besides being cute and fluffy, a teddy bear can play an important role in a child’s development making them a truly must-have for any child.

Here are a few reasons why we think FLATOUTbears make the perfect first teddy bear and a definite must-have.

1.FLATOUTbears are a natural comforter made from 100% Australian sheepskin. They provide comfort and companionship and according to researchers at New York University, a teddy bear can bring comfort in times of stress and distress and they provide a sense of security.

2. Teddy bears are more than just simply fluffy and soft bears, they are cuddly tools for healthy emotional development. Giving your child one of our soft huggable flat bears is a way for them to practice and reinforce important life skills, self-soothe and feel your love even when you’re not nearby.

3. Our flat bears are the perfect travel partner and friends for little ones. They never complain and are always ready for the next adventure or the next photo opportunity. They listen intently, they are a constant reminder that imagination and a sense of humour inspire smiles and connections with strangers around the world. They travel free and often serve as a trip mascot, no matter what trip you are on. And they are always ready to offer a hug.

4. Giving a teddy bear is a great way to showcase your affection and express love towards a person you love whether it’s a child or someone special. When it’s a matter of giving a gift to a child; nothing can beat a flat teddy bear. A gift that will become part of the family.

So go ahead and buy a FLATOUTbear for that someone special.

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