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Designing a nursery for your little one can be exciting!

Every piece you choose adds comfort and personality to the room where you and your baby will spend countless precious moments.

Choosing the perfect baby rug is essential in creating a cosy and welcoming space for your newborn baby.


Make sure that your baby’s rug is both safe and comfortable given your baby will spend a lot of time on it. A baby rug should have a padded back for added comfort. As your child grows and becomes more active, a slip-resistant rug will help to prevent falls.


Babies are delicate. Look for plush materials like wool or other natural materials that are not only soft to touch but also hypoallergenic, reducing the chances of irritating your baby’s sensitive skin or respiratory system.

sheepskin baby rug in a jungle themed nursery


Choosing the size of your baby’s rug depends on your personal preference. A large rug can cover more space for your baby to roll around, crawl, and play, meanwhile smaller rug offers flexibility, as it can be easily moved between rooms or even taken outside or to other locations.

Keep in mind that the nursery is a space for your baby to grow and a place for you to create cherished memories with your little one.  Choose a baby rug that brings a sense of warmth, joy and a playful vibe to your child’s nursery.

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