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Get ready for a burst of egg-citement, because something special is coming.

Soft, snuggly and with a big white fluffy tail – can you guess what it could be?

Meet our Limited Edition FLATOUTbunny Baby, ready to hop in store on the 1st of March just in time for your Easter celebration.

Cuddly and cute with its soft texture and big fluffy tail, this baby bunny will add an extra cuddles to your children’s Easter baskets, making it more delightful than ever!

Much like our super cuddly FLATOUTbears, the Limited Edition FLATOUTbunny Baby is handmade from 100% Australian sheepskin. Measuring 19cm x 20cm x 3.5cm flat – yes, that’s right, it’s FLAT!

This is hands down the snuggliest bunny you’ll ever get to squeeze. The size is ideal for your little ones to clutch tightly during their Easter hops and hunts.

Limited edition easter baby bunny

A Treasure to Keep

The Limited Edition FLATOUTbunny Baby is a timeless keepsake. It will continue to be a cherished companion long after the Easter celebrations are over. It’s a practical and essential addition to your children’s treasured items.

Each FLATOUTbunny Baby comes with a beautiful back-to-back photo bunny card—perfect for your little one’s first Easter photo or framing it as a keepsake.

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Make the Easter Moment to Remember With the Limited Edition FLATOUTbunny Baby

Tag us using #flatoutbear to let us know you’ve snagged one. Limited quantities are available, so make sure to act quickly once the purchase date is open.

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