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We’ve recently embarked on a year-long commitment to fund a transformative sewing project benefiting six remarkable women in Cambodia. This initiative, though simple, carries profound significance as it aims to empower these women and their families, creating opportunities to generate income and uplift them from the grips of poverty.

An opportunity for these women to acquire a new skill that is practical, profitable, and, most importantly, empowers them. At the end of the program, each participant will have the chance to own a sewing machine through a microfinance loan.

Contract Signing for the Students, Sewing Project Cambodia

Story of Mean Tha

Mean Tha is one of the six beneficiaries of our sewing project. As the youngest of seven siblings, Tha graduated from the local Pouk High School in 2011. Sadly, her family’s financial situation prevented her from pursuing university studies.

Her first job as a waitress at a small restaurant earned her a monthly income of 60 USD. After a few more challenging life events, Tha found herself caring for her twins as a single mum, supporting her aging parents, three nieces and nephews.

When she heard about our sewing program during HHA’s community outreach missions, Tha saw hope for a way out. She immediately expressed interest in joining the program, eager to learn a skill that could boost her income and potentially change her life.

Mean Tha, Student of Our Sewing Project Cambodia

Tha’s aspiration goes beyond just learning to sew. She dreams of opening a small shop and providing for her twins’ education, aiming for a brighter future for them than she had.

We are incredibly honoured to be a part of Tha’s journey as well as the journeys of other women in this program. Each FLATOUTbear purchased contributes to these life-changing initiatives. Stay tuned as we share the stories of the other five women involved in the program – you don’t want to miss out!

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