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Planning A Teddy Bear Birthday Party

Teddy bear parties are a great way to celebrate your child’s big day. The theme is simple, fun, and one of the most popular especially when they love their flat bear so much!

Here are some ideas for planning a teddy bear birthday party:


A simple buttercream frosted cake with fondant teddy bears will do the trick. You can even take it up a notch by adding little edible chocolate teddies to the top of each slice!


Teddy bear food options include cookies shaped like bears, fruit salad with berries cut into hearts and stars (you can also add some strawberries cut into circles), cupcakes with frosting that looks like fur, and chocolate brownies topped with gumdrops for ears!


Once you’ve got your cake and food sorted out, it’s time to get festive! The best decorations include cardboard cut-outs of bears, balloons shaped like bears (in any colour), streamers, and banners with teddy bear designs on them. You can also find teddy bear party supplies at any craft store or online.


The best part about having a teddy bear party is that there are tons of activities you can do with them! You could have guests dress up as bears or draw pictures of their favourite bears.

In the end, birthday parties are all about having fun. They don’t have to be expensive to be memorable. We wish you and your little one a magical and memorable birthday party!

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