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Teddy Bear Picnic Day is celebrated on July 10th every year. It’s a lovely time to pack up the picnic basket, grab your FLATOUTbear, find a comfy spot to sit down, and celebrate the magic of Teddy Bear Picnic Day together.

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

This special day celebrates the joyful and simple memories of childhood with our favourite teddy bears. It reminds us of the comfort and companionship these cuddly friends provided, a cherished part of our lives.

Teddy bears originated in the early 1900s after President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear during a hunting trip. This act of compassion inspired toy makers to create “Teddy’s bear,” which quickly became a favourite toy for children.

We all remember that one precious teddy bear that meant the world to us when we were little—a comforting friend that we could squeeze tightly when worried and a patient listener of our cute little secrets.

Twenty-three years ago, we aimed to create a teddy bear that felt as special and comforting as the ones we cherished in our childhoods. We hoped to share that joy and comfort with children worldwide, and that’s how FLATOUTbear came to life.

Today, let’s celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day by enjoying old memories and making new ones. Let’s have fun with laughter, stories, and snacks with our FLATOUTbear. It’s a special day we’ll always remember.

Soft, snuggly, flat teddy bears for little ones’ arms around the world.

Shop our FLATOUTbear collection and let the magic of Teddy Bear Picnic Day come alive on July 10. Here’s to creating new memories and cherishing the old with your favourite teddy bear, FLATOUTbear.

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